Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moroccan Restaurant!

My friend Katherine Joberty just had a birthday recently, and we all celebrated by going out to eat at a brand new Moroccan restaurant in Ulsan.  I have never eaten Moroccan food before, but it was somewhat similar to Middle Eastern cuisine that I have had before, and it was amazing! 

Katherine is one of the people in the "Hogye group" that I hang out with a lot, so most of the group was there for it.  They also wanted to do a hike before dinner, but I had to pass on that part of the day.  I have been overwhelmingly busy now that I have after school classes, Taekwondo and the band, so I needed some 'chill' time.  It worked out that I didn't go though because 1: they couldn't find the trail they were looking for, and did something else instead, and 2: Julia called and asked if I could get/pick up a cake for dinner.  Since they were with Katherine they couldn't [secretly] get a cake, so I gladly did! 

This is me in my elevator with the cake.  I actually took this picture because I was wearing my new "guy with the beard" t-shirt, haha.  He is from the band "Walk Off The Earth," which is proving to be a great inspiration to my band:

Here is the chocolate mousse cake which was on point.  Katherine turned 24 like I just did, so I recycled the candles I got from my Taekwondo friends' cake.. shhhh!

So I arrived at the restaurant just after the group, and successfully passed the cake off to the server without Katherine noticing.  This way I was able to slip out once we were about done eating, and surprised her with the cake, just how they had done for me!  It was great :D

On the left here is the birthday girl Katherine!  Next is Alex, Julia, Erin and then Howard.  It was cool, we had our own little room too.

Here is Katherine's boyfriend Michael standing next to the beautifully decorated sliding door.

This is what I ordered, and it's called Lamb Tagine if I remember correctly.  Whatever it was called it was really really good!  It was actually pretty weird eating with a fork at a restaurant again.

Michael who was sitting next to me ordered the lamb ribs which looked amazing, and came with a candle thing underneath to keep them hot.  I'm not sure that French fries are authentic Moroccan though..

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