Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Artwork In My Neighborhood

Some local artists recently gave one of my local backstreets a serious face lift with some beautiful murals.  They primed (or painted white) about 20-30 meters of the walls on a narrow street located between my school and apartment.  When my Dad came for his visit they were still in the pencil and outline phase, and finished painting them a couple weeks ago.  It is really nice to see almost every day.  I don't walk by it on the way to school, but whenever Mr. Park and I go on our (almost) daily walks we go down this street.

Here is a picture from further down the street, so you can have a sense of what it looked like before this beautification project went down.

Video of the wall coming from my school..

Video of the opposite wall walking back towards my school.

This is my favorite one.  

I guess this is part of an old traditional game called "horse."  It looks like an initiation or act of bullying to me though, haha.

Here is a very different, but cool portion of the artwork.

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  1. The poor kid who has to be the 'horse'. I like the last picture with the birds. That is one narrow street! I guess Asia and Europe both like narrow alleys and streets. I'll have to check out the videos later tonight. From what I can see of the video images it looks nice.